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Game Arcade Puzzle

12 Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle with 25 pieces - there is a nice animation if you complete the ...

(Played: 3 302)

2000 Juan Montoya Indy 500 Winer

Puzzle of a racing car

(Played: 3 678)

24 Puzzle

A 3D puzzle game. The objective is to align the number 1 to 24

(Played: 3 028)

3 Card Poker

3-Card Poker game in Flash

(Played: 4 125)

Add Like Mad


(Played: 3 899)

African Mask

A challenging puzzle game

(Played: 2 228)

All Ball

Try to best Ballista, the God of Sports in this sport adventure

(Played: 2 803)

All Out

Turn all the lights on the board out using the least amount of moves and time...

(Played: 2 670)

Alpha - Zoo Concentration Game

Educative game that combined alphabets recognition with the classic Memory game

(Played: 2 551)

America Poker II

5 Cards Poker game

(Played: 2 529)


Help Anbot escape the factory in this action packed point and click game!

(Played: 1 721)