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Magnetism 2

Use the 3 available magnets i.e. regular, electro and polarity magnets to get...

(Played: 1 364)

Mah Jongg

Clone of the popular classic tile based Shanghai - this one has a timer for q...

(Played: 5 563)


Clone of the popular classic tile based Shanghai

(Played: 1 942)

Man In Black

The objective of this game is to win the game by taking the last sphere

(Played: 1 394)

Mars Patrol

Real time strategy game that required a bit of reflex with lots of brain

(Played: 1 403)

Master Mind

You have to figure out the actual combination in least steps/trials

(Played: 1 557)

Match Up

4x4 Memory game with Korean style comic

(Played: 1 376)

Mega Puzzle

Beware - this is a really huge jigsaw puzzle! Don

(Played: 1 302)


Another memory game.

(Played: 1 439)

Memory 2000

A nice remake of the classic Simon Says game

(Played: 1 427)

Memory Family Guy

Flip over the cards and memorize the characters in this memory game

(Played: 1 503)

Memory Game

Memory game with cute bulldog

(Played: 1 589)

Mercury Drops

This is a unique puzzle game that is easy to play but difficult to master. Th...

(Played: 1 099)

Mezzy Maze - the score challenge edition

The classical Swedish wooden labyrinth game made by a cheap toy maker who app...

(Played: 895)